Skin Rejuvenation

Before every treatment we have a consultation process.This is where the NeoGen provider will sit down with you and discuss what you need from your treatment package and the best treatments to suit your needs. 

Tried and tested, with outstanding results. The NeoGenSPA nitrogen plasma technology high doses of instantly cooling heat to the skin, resulting in the production of new collagen. This disruption to the skin allows the collagen to regenerate and rejuvenate the treatment area including dark circles around the eyes. 

Natural Beauty
Image by Omar Lopez

The unique technology also causes the skin tissues to contract when applied, also helping to rejuvenate and resurface of the skin, improve skin health and reduce wrinkles and dark circles, along with many more skin conditions and blemishes. 

The Nitrogen Plasma technology used in NeoGenSPA is able to treat several skin conditions in one treatment.  As the treatment from a NeoGenSPA rejuvenates by "restarting the skins natural processes", wrinkles along with age spots and fine lines will also benefit from the treatment.

Leaves Shadow

The technology used in the SPA works on the entire skin health by rejuvenating all the natural elements.  


This restores, resurfaces and tightens revealing the real you, naturally!