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“I had a series of six treatments in total, four of which were in close succession. I saw significant improvement each time from treatments 1 – 4 and then there was a period of bad skin (although this could have coincided with a trip to Dubai where it was particularly humid). After treatments 5 & 6 the results have been consistent.”

Acne Treatment 

“The difference is remarkable! What a difference it makes to people’s lives.”

Acne Treatment 


Such has been the impact that Andrea’s experience with NeoGen has had on her, she was only too happy to recommend the treatment. For people like her, unhappy with the signs of ageing on their skin, she believes NeoGen Plasma is perfect for brightening up their appearance and generally “getting rid of some of those age additions that come with being 50+”.

But Andrea also extended her recommendation to people of all ages who suffer from skin conditions. She highlighted the example of younger people who she had seen achieve remarkable changes to their acne scarring through this treatment. The fact that even at the highest energy setting NeoGen does not char or ablate the skin, makes it particularly safe for use on a wide range of skin types and for a variety of indications.

Skin Resurfacing

Would Andrea recommend a NeoGen Plasma treatment?

“The difference is remarkable! What a difference it makes to people’s lives.”

Skin Resurfacing


"The results are so, so good.  I can't wait for my next treatment." 

Stretch marks

Melissa Gibbens BSN, Founder of SkinScriptions Med-Spa in Houston wasn’t achieving consistent results using CO2 and Erbium lasers in her practice.

When Melissa discovered NeoGen Plasma she was blown away by the device’s capabilities and the results that could be achieved.  NeoGen Plasma’s versatility has led to NeoGen becoming an integral part of SkinScriptions offerings, even replacing some of the other devices.

NeoGen Plasma ensured consistency in treatment outcomes, which was very important to Melissa and her patients.

Watch the video below to hear the full story on how NeoGen Plasma improved Melissa’s practice and provided excellent patient results.

NeoGen Customer