The NeoGenSPA is part of the NeoGen Family of products which offers a wide range of treatments catering for a number of different industries. Born from the revolutionary NeoGen Plasma technology, the SPA caters for high end aesthetics and is the must have beauty treatment machine for qualified salons and clinics around the world.

The SPA works with the lower energy end of the treatment scale which means the treatments are 100% effective with no debilitating-recovery time.  The results are outstanding and working with the skins natural architecture, replaces the old damaged collagen and elastin with new leaving your skin looking and feeling fresher, firmer and more youthful.

All the treatments are comfortable and are tailored to your skin type.  As there are a wide range of skin types the NeoGen Plasma Technology has been developed with this in mind, different levels of energy are used to treat the range of cosmetic and ailing skin conditions whilst ensuring the skin type is catered for too.  Using the Fitzpatrick scale,  the software within the system allows the user to choose the correct treatment procedures based on the skin type, ensuring the treatment you receive is 100% tailored to you!


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